What do the Top Dogs in MMA have in Common?

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What do the Top Dogs in MMA have in Common?

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and with fighters like Ronda Rousey, it’s easy to see why. So what’s the secret to success in this sport? According to various surveys, the top MMA fighters have some things in common.

What do the top dogs in MMA have in common? how much do mma fighters get paid per fight? top 10 mma fighters in the world? You might be surprised! From heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez to up-and-coming prospect Ronda Rousey, here are six key traits that are shared by all the best fighters in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA).

In MMA, the top fighters in the world have some things in common. They all have an aggressive style, strong fundamentals, and hard-nosed mental game.

These traits are basic requirements to make it to the top of the MMA world, but what about some of the extra characteristics that separate the great from the good? It’s impossible to know exactly what it takes to be at the top of your game until you get there, but you can certainly do everything in your power to give yourself every advantage possible. how much do ufc fighters get paid per fight?

Successfully Reaching Your Goals

Reaching your goals is hard, especially when you’re competing at a high level against other talented athletes. The top fighters make it look easy, but they didn’t get there by accident.

There are many similarities between professional fighters and successful people in any industry. If you want to achieve success like those who are at the top of their game, then follow these guidelines #1: Train Hard – To be successful, you need to work hard.

This doesn’t mean that you need to train for hours on end; however, dedication is important if you want to see results. In fact, most of today’s top MMA fighters spent years honing their skills before they were able to reach success. If you want to reach your goals fast and succeed like a pro, then dedicate yourself 100% toward reaching them! Training will be necessary regardless of what goal(s) you’re trying to accomplish!

Preparing Yourself Mentally

If you want to become an elite competitor, you need to be mentally and physically prepared. And, by that I mean you need to be ready at all times. The slightest misstep can mean a loss of income or a poor performance.

The worst part is, many MMA fighters think they are ready when they really aren’t. They assume because they work hard in practice that they are ready for competition but there is more to it than that.

There has to be a mental preparation as well as physical conditioning for success on fight night and these fighters know it better than anyone else. One great example of someone who truly understands how important mental training is, especially before competing in an event like UFC 100 was Georges St-Pierre.

Enlist the Support of a Trainer

For the best results, enlist the support of a personal trainer or work with a qualified coach. These professionals know your limits and are accountable to you for meeting them; it’s much easier to stay on track when someone is looking over your shoulder and holding you accountable to your goals.

A good personal trainer will not only set you up with a workout plan but also help you identify and overcome any mental hurdles you may face.

A good coach will also do the same. You may want to start by setting a baseline goal, like losing 10 pounds in two months—and then build from there. To ensure success, be sure to find a trainer who fits your personality and has experience working with people just like you.

Dealing with your Fears

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Fears are something that hold most of us back. Fears of failure, rejection, embarrassing ourselves; they’re all things that prevent many people from stepping out into greatness.

So how do you get past your fears and finally become successful? There’s a fine line between fear and excitement, St-Pierre says when asked about dealing with fear. And he has plenty of reasons to be excited these days—St-Pierre is currently ranked number one on UFC’s pound-for-pound list after two wins over Matt Serra (in 2007) and B.J. Penn (last April).

He’s only 25 years old, but already considered by many to be one of the best fighters in MMA history. But what does St-Pierre think sets him apart from other athletes? I think I’m just very calm, he says. I don’t worry too much about what will happen tomorrow or next week or next month. That doesn’t mean he isn’t driven: My goal is always to win every fight, he explains.

Visualise: Even outside the Octagon

What do the Top Dogs in MMA have in Common?`
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Visualisation has the power to turn both your performance and life around. It doesn’t matter what it is you want; visualisation can give you the edge on your competition and improve your quality of life.

This special combination of text and illustrations will show you how to properly get started with visualisation, as well as touching on a few mind hacks that are surprisingly simple yet highly effective.

You don’t need any special equipment or a lot of time to see results, either! Read on to learn exactly how visualization works. When your goals mean everything: We all know people who are single-mindedly driven to achieve a goal, even if it means sacrificing friends or family along the way.

Learn from Others Who are Successful

One way to be successful at martial arts is to learn from others who are already successful. Successful fighters are generally well rounded, with experience in wrestling, boxing and some form of martial arts. This approach provides a deeper understanding of fighting and makes training much more interesting and challenging.

For example, if your main focus is Jiu-Jitsu you may find that you know more about being on top than on bottom.

Taking classes from a wrestler or boxer can help you understand how things look from an opponent’s perspective. This helps refine strategy as well as improve skill set for each component of fighting including striking, grappling and submissions.

Learning from other martial artists also improves our confidence. When we train with people better than us, we become better too. It builds confidence when we realize that there is always someone out there who knows more than us and has greater ability. We can always get better, but it helps to realize that everyone starts somewhere.

Focus on Doing it For Yourself, Not for Others

Some people are okay with keeping their job as an active fighter and collecting a paycheck. And then there are those who, like Conor McGregor, aspire to grow their financial status to become one of MMA’s elite earners.

For these fighters, it doesn’t come down to cash flow or net worth; they fight for themselves, not others. And that’s what all successful business leaders should keep top of mind: Make your decisions based on what you want for yourself—not others.

Don’t focus on how your life will be better because of someone else’s choices or actions; focus on doing it for yourself. In most cases, your success will come from focusing on increasing your own value, not theirs. The best example of this is entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.

He built his wine business by leveraging social media and YouTube (where he now has more than 3 million subscribers) to build his personal brand and his value as a personality.


People assume that it’s all about size, speed, strength and agility. The best fighters are those who win fights, not necessarily those who stand out on paper.

So what really makes a fighter great? It’s easy to focus on big names and famous contenders, but there’s much more to fighting than meets the eye (pardon). What are the top dogs doing right that you could be doing better if you wanted to improve your fighting skills? Here’s a look at what they share. 

A common trait among most elite fighters is their meticulousness. Elite athletes are always looking for every edge they can get, so pre-fight preparation often includes training and diet plans tailored to their next opponents specifically so they know exactly how strong a punch or kick is going to feel before they ever even throw one.

When these fighters step into their gym and prepare for war, you can bet that mental discipline will factor into every last minute of their daily routine. This may seem like no big deal, but if you want results you need to learn from others who get them.

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