Muay Thai vs KickBoxing: Which One is Right For You?

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Muay Thai has exploded in popularity, as it’s an excellent form of martial arts that can be used to complement other styles or stand alone. It’s also considered to be one of the most physically demanding sports there are.

Kick boxing, on the other hand, has been around longer and doesn’t have the same level of recognition that Muay Thai enjoys today. In this article, we’ll look at these two forms of martial arts side-by-side and see which one is right for you!

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are two different forms of martial arts that share some common traits, but also have some key differences.

If you’re thinking of starting either type of martial art, it’s important to know which one you’ll enjoy more in order to maximize your fitness and fighting abilities in the long run. This article will help you decide whether Muay Thai or kickboxing would be best suited to your goals, interests, and training preferences so you can have a more enjoyable experience from the beginning!


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There are many different types of martial arts. Muay Thai kickboxing and karate are two popular ones. The differences between the two come down to technique, method of use and rules.

Muay Thai kickboxing has more techniques than karate, but both are primarily used for self-defense in a hostile situation. It’s important to know which one you’re more comfortable with before taking any classes because it can take many years to master one or the other.

If you’re looking for a physical workout that will help with weight loss and overall fitness, then kickboxing may be better for you.

Muay Thai

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The fact that Muay Thai has been used for so long means there are many different schools of thought and techniques. Techniques vary from school to school based on the different interpretations of what should be included in Muay Thai training (punches only? Kicks only?).

This can make it difficult when you’re trying to decide which school will best meet your needs!

Differences between muay thai and kickboxing

There are a few major differences between muay thai and kickboxing. Muay thai uses the fists, shins, elbows, and knees while kickboxing mostly uses the hands and feet.

In muay thai, you can only wear boxing gloves while in kickboxing you can wear any kind of gloves that are approved by the sanctioning body that you’re fighting with. In muay thai there are five rounds and the winner is determined by how many points they scored in those five rounds.

In kickboxing it’s three rounds and the winner is determined by who has more points or a knockout. 

-In muay thai there are five rounds and the winner is determined by how many points they scored in those five rounds.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to deciding which combat sport is right for you, the two most common choices are Muay Thai and kickboxing. The majority of people would agree that one or the other will likely suit your personal goals and interests better than the other, but there are a few pros and cons of each to consider.

Muay Thai has a more formal history with roots in Thailand and with this rich history it has become an art form in itself.

As such, Muay Thai provides a larger repertoire of attacks available to use while fighting while still maintaining a high level of effectiveness. The downside to Muay Thai may be that not all gyms have experienced instructors which means that you may have to train longer before you can fight competitively.

Similarities Between muay thai and kickboxing

Both muay thai and kickboxing are martial arts that use striking techniques. Muay thai, also known as The Art of Eight Limbs, uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees to strike the opponent.

On the other hand, kickboxing primarily uses punches and kicks with an emphasis on speed and agility. There are some similarities between the two martial arts such as both using a combat sport stance and elbow blocks to deflect blows from opponents.

In addition, both can be practiced for fitness or competition purposes.

Which one is right for you?

Both Muay Thai and Kickboxing are great for fitness, self-defense, and have the ability to promote social interaction.

What is right for you is going to depend on what you need from your workouts. If you’re looking for a high-energy workout with a lot of cardio and want something that can burn up to 800 calories per hour, then Muay Thai might be for you.

However, if you prefer to do more strength training exercises like squats or bench presses then kickboxing might be the better option. Ultimately it’s all about knowing what your needs are so that you can pick the right one for yourself.

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So which style should you use? Muay Thai or kickboxing, both can help you with fitness and self-defense. Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference.

Muay Thai will give you a full body workout while kickboxing focuses more on cardio and agility. The choice really does come down to what type of workout appeals to you the most. Remember that no matter what style of martial art you choose, practice makes perfect!

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