UFC 280: How Charles Oliveira lost to Islam?

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One of the most anticipated fights of the year was taken place. On Saturday, October 24th 2022, Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev will take to the Octagon for a lightweight matchup that has fight fans buzzing with anticipation.

Oliveira and Makhachev both come into this fight as two of the best in the lightweight division, and both have the potential to be the next champion.

This fight between charles oliveira vs islam makhachev is one of the best UFC fight.

The stakes are high, and both men will leave it all in the Octagon as they look to prove that they are the best. Get ready for an epic battle between two of the greatest lightweights in the world!

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How Oliveira lost to Islam?

Charles Oliveira and Islam Makhachev fought at the UFC 280 in Las Vegas for the lightweight division. It was an exciting fight as both men are considered top contenders in the lightweight division. In the end, Islam Makhachev won the fight with a submission victory over Charles Oliveira.

Islam was able to get on top of Oliveira early in the fight and began to land some heavy punches and elbows while Oliveira tried to scramble away. Makhachev remained in full mount and eventually locked up a guillotine choke that forced Oliveira to tap out.

This was a disappointing result for Oliveira, who has been on an impressive eight-fight winning streak coming into this fight. He was unable to find success against Makhachev’s powerful grappling game, as Islam was able to control him for most of the fight. Oliveira will now have to go back to the drawing board and work on his grappling if he wants to make a successful run at the lightweight title.

Islam Submission

At UFC 280, Islam Makhachev earned a submission win over Charles Oliveira in the second round of their lightweight bout. Makhachev imposed his grappling skills on Oliveira throughout the fight, and with just one minute left in the second round, he managed to secure a fight-ending guillotine choke that forced Oliveira to tap out.
The submission win marked the latest impressive performance from Makhachev, who has now won five of his last six fights, four of which have come by way of submission.

This impressive streak also includes a unanimous decision win over former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos.

It is no surprise then that Islam has earned the reputation of being an incredibly skilled grappler with great submission prowess. As the fight progressed, it was clear that Oliveira was no match for Makhachev’s superior grappling abilities.

The Russian fighter repeatedly took Oliveira down and managed to control him while on the ground. In the second round, Makhachev worked to set up a guillotine choke, before finally securing the submission at the end of the round.

Makhachev’s victory over Oliveira was yet another reminder of his elite grappling skills and showed why he is one of the most dangerous fighters in the lightweight division. He is certainly one to watch for in the future and could be a potential title contender if he continues his impressive winning streak.

At UFC 280, Charles Oliveira faced off against the undefeated Dagestani powerhouse Islam Makhachev.

It was a matchup that many fans were looking forward to, as Oliveira had been on an absolute tear since moving down to lightweight in 2014 and was a heavy favourite going into the fight.
For three rounds, Oliveira gave it his all but ultimately fell short of Makhachev.

The loss was mainly due to Makhachev’s superior grappling ability, and Oliveira simply could not keep up with the Dagestani’s aggressive and relentless approach. While Oliveira was able to stay on his feet for most of the fight, he was taken down multiple times and ended up being submitted by a rear-naked choke in the third round.

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After the fight, Oliveira spoke about the challenge that Islam Makhachev presented and how he was able to shut down Oliveira’s game plan. Oliveira stated that Makhachev was “too smart and too fast” for him and that he was “able to take advantage of any mistake I made”.

It was clear that Oliveira respected his opponent’s skill and was humbled by the loss.
The loss certainly doesn’t take away from the fact that Oliveira is one of the best lightweights in the world. He still has an impressive professional record and has earned numerous post-fight bonuses during his time in the UFC. He will likely bounce back from this loss and will continue to be a threat at lightweight for many years to come.

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