UFC Veteran Mike Swick beats cancer-4

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UFC Veteran Mike Swick beats cancer-4

Swick, an UFC veteran who was a participant in the initial season of “The Ultimate Fighter,” was diagnosed in 2022 with Stage 4 lymphoblastic Lymphoma. This type of cancer begins in the blood cells (lymphocytes), and spreads to other parts.

Swick, however, announced that he was now cancer-free on Wednesday via his Instagram account. He expressed confidence in his ability to beat the disease by embracing a positive outlook. Swick is positive that although the cancer may return in later life, he will be more prepared for it.

What problem swick had?

Lymphoblastic cancer is a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that causes the growth of mature white blood cells in the lymph nodes. The 5-year survival rate for this form of cancer is 60 to 70%, according to different estimates.

Although Swick admits that there is still much to be done, he is determined to beat the disease. He is the founder of AKA Thailand in Phuket and is well-known within the martial arts community. His courage and resilience continue to inspire others.

On Wednesday, he gave a detailed update about his treatment and diagnosis.

“As you may have guessed, I have been fighting cancer in the most difficult and aggressive battle I have ever faced. The 48hour water fast was followed by the first Chemo treatment, which included a 24 hour fast. Next came a day of solid, plant-based organic food. This was continued until the end of the week.

“… Within 7 days, all 15+ swollen lymph glands in my neck had disappeared. I never had a fever and my vitals were normal. Round 1 was for me, that’s certain!”

Mike Swick retired in 2015 from MMA but continued to coach AKA Thailand. He was 10-5 in the Octagon, competing at middleweight and welterweight. He won over Joe Riggs and Josh Burkman, who were once his challengers for the middleweight title.

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