Top Ten Submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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Top Ten Submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Like you guys I too love BJJ, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is one of the most loved martial arts in the world. BJJ’s rapid growth has seen it develop a variety of submissions and techniques over the years. Today, we will be looking at 10 of the most popular submissions in BJJ. They range from simple to advanced and can be used in all situations. These submissions can help you take your grappling to the next level, no matter if you are a beginner or an experienced one. Let’s take a look at these top 10 bjj submissions!

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1) The Rear Naked Choke

This submission is fundamental in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This submission can be used by all levels of Jiu-Jitsu, from beginners to experts. It is done by placing your arms behind your opponent’s neck and your elbows in a crook. The pressure is applied to both the carotid and airways on the neck creating a choke effect. Pressure can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of control.

Because it is quick and easy to apply, even when your opponent doesn’t expect it, the rear naked choke is a great choice. It is also very energy-efficient, which makes it ideal for exhausting opponents in long exchanges. This move is also difficult to defend against if it’s done correctly.

Due to its simplicity and efficiency, the Rear Naked Choke is one of the most popular submissions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. You can use it effectively and efficiently in many contexts by grapplers of all levels. As with all submissions in BJJ, precision is key to success.

2) The Triangle Choke

This submission is easy to master and can be used in many positions. This involves trapping your opponent’s arm with your legs and simultaneously choking them with your own arm. The triangle choke can be used to gain the upper hand in battle and defend against stronger opponents.

The triangle choke is a technique that requires you to start in a guard position, place one leg above your opponent’s shoulder, and wrap the other around their arm. Once you have locked in the triangle shape, press down on your opponent’s neck or head. This will eventually cause them to pass out from lack of oxygen.

Triangle choke is a very effective submission in BJJ. It requires quick thinking and reflexes. This submission can be used to protect larger opponents, or to win the top spot in any BJJ tournament. Anyone can learn this submission with practice and dedication and be able to use it effectively during their match.

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3) The Kimura

The Kimura is a very effective submission in BJJ that can be used in both no-gi and gi jiu jitsu. Because of its versatility on ground, it’s often called a reverse Ude-garami or reverse Figure Four Lock. This move is powerful regardless of your position in relation to it. It can be used from any position on the floor with ease.

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The Kimura can be used to submit from side control, mount and guard positions. The Kimura can transition to different submissions and sweeps due to its superior control over an opponent. Because of its quick finish, this BJJ submission is very popular with experienced grapplers.

Set up the Kimura. Wrap your arms around your opponent’s arm and cross your hands to secure your grips. After you have secured your grip, raise your hips to push your opponent’s elbow towards your body. Next, rotate your arm so that your arm crosses your chest. Finally, secure a figure 4 grip with your legs.

You can now apply pressure to your opponent’s shoulders by pinching your elbows together, and pushing their arm upwards. You can also stop them from fleeing by using your legs. For added pressure, you can rotate your hips and arch the back.

Kimura is a great BJJ submission that you should have in your arsenal. You can quickly become proficient in this move with practice.

4) The Armbar

This is where you trap your opponent’s arm between your legs, and use your upper body strength to bend it back. This submission is a good way to control an opponent and force them to submit if done properly.

Armbar is a simple move to master. The attacker will begin by taking a defensive position and wrapping their legs around the opponent’s torso. Next, they will trap their arm between their legs. The attacker then places their hips high above their opponent’s chest and locks their arms behind their back. They can leverage their upper body strength and bend the arm back using pressure. This can often cause serious injury to your opponent.

One of the most versatile submissions in BJJ is the armbar. You can execute it from a variety of positions, including guard, side control and mount. It is versatile and can be used with or without gi clothing.

There are many ways to use the armbar. You can use it to finish off an opponent who is in a weak spot or to set yourself up for stronger submissions. It can also be used to defend yourself against someone trying to move up on you.

BJJ is incomplete without the armbar. You must master the art of using the armbar to your advantage in BJJ. The armbar can be used effectively against opponents to dominate them on the mat. Practice makes you stronger.

Top Ten Submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

5) The Guillotine

This hold is especially effective because it gives attacker control over their neck and applies immense pressure to the trachea and carotid vessels. If held for too long, this could lead to unconsciousness or tapout.

Guillotine choke is used when your opponent holds their head and arms tightly around your torso. To respond, you can trap your opponent’s arm with your hands and wrap your arms around their neck. Then, slide your hips up to the choke. You can also use this choke if they are trying to take you down. To do so, spread your arms under their heads and trap one arm.

It is important to keep your posture straight and hold the arm that you are entrapped in the guillotine choke. This will stop your opponent being able escape or counter your submission. Also, ensure your choke arm is correctly positioned. Too low pressure will cause too little. To complete the submission, rotate your hips up quickly after you have secured it.

Guillotine choke is a powerful submission that has been used to win many fights over the centuries. It is easy to learn but requires practice and dedication. You can make this move a staple in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) with proper technique and repetitions.

6) The Americana

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has the Americana, which is one of the most powerful submission holds. This armlock applies pressure on both the elbow and shoulder joints, making it both a defense mechanism and attack technique.

Start in a side control position, with your opponent’s hand on your side. Hold onto your wrist with one hand and slide it under your armpit. Their elbow should be pointed up. Your palm should face upwards as you switch your grip on the wrist.

Once you feel secure, apply pressure to your elbow and shoulder. To maintain control, keep your elbows against your body. To stop your elbows from moving, bend your hip so your arm is facing the opposite direction. This will cause your shoulder to move out and lead to submission.

The Americana in BJJ is a powerful submission that can be used to control an opponent or end a match quickly. This is a vital skill for all grapplers and should be practiced often to improve its execution.

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7) The Omoplata

The omoplata (also known as “shoulderlock”) is a powerful submission in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It can be used in both gi and non-gi competitions. It can be used to submit opponents in many ways if executed correctly.

This technique involves using your arms and legs to control the hips and shoulder of your opponent. Start by grabbing their arm with both your legs and extending your reach to the side. Next, press down on their shoulder or pivot your body to one side. Finally, push on their hips for a secure hold.

Anyone looking to improve their BJJ skills will find the omoplata a valuable move. You can use it as a prelude or as a submission. This move is difficult to master. It requires timing, leverage, and control over your opponent. However, once you are proficient with it, you’ll be able dominate the competition with this powerful submission.

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8) The Anaconda Choke

This submission, also known as the “Peruvian Necktie”, or the “Reverse Triangle Choke”, is extremely effective and can be quickly used to subdue an enemy.

Begin by bringing your opponent to a sitting position. Then, place one arm around your opponent’s neck and secure the other with your other arm. After you have your grip on both of your biceps, press down on your opponent’s neck.

You have two choices at this point: you can either continue the submission in this position or move into a triangle choke. Switch your grips so that one arm wraps around your opponent’s neck and the other holds their thigh. This will give you the advantage to end with a triangle choke.

If done correctly, the Anaconda Choke can be a powerful submission. This submission requires that you use correct technique and body positioning to control your opponent’s posture. The Anaconda Choke can be a useful tool for BJJ practitioners with practice.

9) The D’Arce Choke

This maneuver is also known as the “Brabo Choke”, or “Air Choke”, and involves trapping your opponent’s arm with your own while using your other hand, to encircle their necks in a stranglehold.

The choke works by applying pressure on the opponent’s neck. This restricts their breathing and eventually leads to submission. The D’Arce choke is performed by the practitioner in full mount or side control. They wrap their arm around the neck of their opponent and lock it in place. The practitioner then moves their other arm behind them and grasps their opponent’s bicep with the other hand, creating a vice grip that wraps around their blood supply and airway.

Practitioners must push their hips forward to execute the D’Arce choke. They should also arch their back to apply pressure on the opponent’s neck. This can lead to a quick submission if done correctly. This is one of the more difficult submissions in BJJ. Practitioners should practice until they are comfortable with it. Practice is key to success, whether it’s in BJJ matches or MMA bouts.

10) The Gogoplata

Top Ten Submissions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) uses the gogoplata as a submission. This submission is similar to the triangle choke, but it applies pressure using your legs and not your arms.

You will need to place your opponent in either side or mounted control positions to apply the gogoplata. You can cross your opponent’s neck with your legs and trap one of the his arms. As you sit up, place either your foot on his neck or your shin. This will put pressure around his neck until he taps out.

Your leg angle is a key element in a successful gogoplata. A wrong angle or too much can cause injury or failure. Also, ensure your hips are moving forward when you sit up. This increases the pressure on your opponent’s neck.

Although the gogoplata is a difficult technique to master, it can be very useful for any BJJ practitioner if they put in enough practice and dedication. It is a very effective submission that requires precision and control. This submission technique is very popular with practitioners because it offers great rewards for practicing proper technique.

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