Sean Brady vs Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 290 in July

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Sean Brady vs Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 290 in July

At UFC 290, Sean Brady will meet Jack Della Maddalena. Brady’s strategy was will might bring his win and it’s worth taking a closer look at what he did to secure the win. In this blog post, we’ll be breaking down brady vs jack della maddalena and their individual training routing .

Background on Sean Brady

Sean Brady is an American mixed martial artist and the current top contender in the welterweight division.

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He has had a successful career so far, with an impressive record of twelve wins and one loss.

Brady is known for his strong striking ability and relentless pressure, as he often pushes forward to take advantage of openings and land strikes.

His well-rounded skill set also includes grappling and submissions. Brady has also been able to develop his skills in recent years, which has allowed him to challenge for the welterweight title.

Brady trains out of the renowned Tristar Gym in Montreal, which is home to some of the best MMA fighters in the world. It’s clear that Brady takes his training seriously and puts in the effort necessary to be successful in the cage.

What did he will do differently in this fight?

Jack Della Maddalena is a veteran of the fight game, having been in over 20 fights in his career. He knows that if he is to have any chance of defeating Sean Brady at UFC 290, he must do something differently from what he has done before.

This means he will need to step up his conditioning and training, and focus on honing his skills in specific areas. For instance, Jack will be working on his ability to mix up his strikes and takeaways, as well as his grappling defense. Additionally, he will be focusing on increasing his output when it comes to striking, pushing himself to land more shots than usual.

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It is clear that he will be doing everything in his power to gain an edge over Sean Brady and come out victorious in their July match.

How did Jack della Maddalena will prepare for this fight?

Jack della Maddalena is no stranger to the UFC octagon, having competed in two previous fights in the promotion. He will be looking to make a statement in his third fight and make his mark on the UFC lightweight division.

Jack Della Prep

To prepare for this fight, Jack has been training diligently with his coaches at Jackson-Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the gym, he has been honing his skills on the mat, focusing on his takedown defence, striking combinations and overall conditioning.

Along with his coaches, he has been undergoing an intense strength and conditioning program to ensure that he is ready for the battle with Sean Brady.

Jack has also been utilizing a nutrition program designed by his coaches to help him reach peak performance for this fight.

He has cut down on his weight to compete in the 155 lbs division, and he is now leaner and more agile than ever before.

He has also spent time working on his mental game, preparing himself to be able to stay composed and focused when things get tough during the fight.

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Sean Brady vs Jack Della Maddalena at UFC 290 in July


Overall, Jack della Maddalena has gone through an intense training camp to make sure that he is ready to take on Sean Brady at UFC 290. With his coaches and team behind him, Jack is feeling confident that he will be able to put on a show for the fans and secure a victory.

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