Francis Ngannou shifts gears with PFL move

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Francis Ngannou shifts gears with PFL move

Francis Ngannou is making a major move in MMA.

The Cameroonian-French fighter, who rose to fame in the UFC in 2020, has shifted gears and signed a historic deal with the Professional Fighters League (PFL).

This deal is being hailed as the biggest in MMA history and the reactions from fellow pros have been overwhelmingly positive.

The UFC’s loss is the PFL’s gain

Francis Ngannou, one of the biggest names in the MMA world, has officially signed with the Professional Fighters League (PFL), a move that has left the UFC stunned and the PFL thrilled.

The heavyweight fighter was a highly sought-after free agent, with several top MMA organizations vying for his signature. In the end, the PFL won out, and fans and pundits alike are calling it the biggest deal in MMA history.

Ngannou was already a top fighter in the UFC, with a record of 16 wins and 3 losses.

He had established himself as a fearsome striker, with knockout wins over the likes of Junior Dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, and Cain Velasquez. But his move to the PFL marks a new chapter in his career, and fans are eager to see what he can accomplish in the league.

For the UFC, losing Ngannou is a big blow. He was one of their most popular fighters, and his departure will undoubtedly affect their bottom line. But for the PFL, Ngannou’s arrival is a huge coup.

The league has been making waves in the MMA world with its unique format, which includes a regular season, playoffs, and championship, and adding a fighter of Ngannou’s caliber only strengthens its reputation.
The move also adds another layer of excitement to the PFL’s heavyweight division.

Ngannou joins a field that includes fighters like Fabricio Werdum, Antonio Carlos Junior, and Bruno Cappelozza.

The prospect of Ngannou facing off against these top contenders is enough to get any MMA fan salivating.
In the end, Ngannou’s move to the PFL is a win-win for everyone involved.

The league gets a huge boost in prestige and star power, while Ngannou gets a new challenge and the chance to prove himself in a new environment. It’s a move that could change the MMA landscape for years to come.

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