3 Must-Have Arm Triangle Variations for BJJ Success

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3 Must-Have Arm Triangle Variations for BJJ Success

The arm triangle is an essential move in any BJJ practitioner’s arsenal. It’s a simple and effective submission that can be used to control and submit an opponent.

If you’re looking to improve your BJJ success, then having a variety of arm triangle variations is a must. We’ll look at three variations of the arm triangle that you need to master to take your BJJ game to the next level

1) What is the Arm Triangle and Why is it Important in BJJ?

The arm triangle, also known as the kata gatame or head and arm choke, is a submission hold commonly used in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It involves wrapping one arm around the opponent’s neck and using the other arm to trap their arm, creating a chokehold that can force a submission or render the opponent unconscious.

One of the main reasons the arm triangle is important in BJJ is its versatility. It can be applied from a variety of positions, including side control, mount, and even from the bottom in certain situations. Additionally, the arm triangle is often a high-percentage submission, meaning that it has a high likelihood of success when properly applied.

The arm triangle can also be an effective tool for controlling the opponent and dictating the pace of the match. By threatening with the arm triangle, the opponent may become more cautious and defensive, allowing the person applying the submission to create openings for other attacks or transitions.

Overall, the arm triangle is a valuable technique for any BJJ practitioner to have in their arsenal. By mastering this submission hold and its variations, you can become a more well-rounded and dangerous fighter on the mat.

2) Arm Triangle Variation 1 – The Side Control Arm Triangle

The side control position is a dominant position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Once you have achieved side control, you have the opportunity to attack your opponent with a variety of submissions, one of which is the arm triangle.

The side control arm triangle is a powerful variation of the traditional arm triangle that utilizes your body weight and leverage to squeeze your opponent’s neck and cut off their blood flow.

To execute this submission, start by securing the side control position and placing your nearest arm under your opponent’s neck, grabbing onto your bicep with your other hand.

From here, you will shift your weight onto your opponent’s chest, pinching your arm against their neck and forcing them to turn their head towards you.

With their head turned you can then lock in the arm triangle by sliding your trapped arm down the side of their neck and squeezing your bicep and forearm together, trapping their head and cutting off their blood flow.

The beauty of this variation is that it is a low-risk submission that doesn’t require a lot of energy or movement. Once you have secured side control, you can patiently work towards setting up the arm triangle without giving up your position or leaving yourself vulnerable to a counterattack.

The side control arm triangle is an essential submission to have in your BJJ arsenal, as it can be utilized in both gi and no-gi situations and is effective against opponents of all sizes and skill levels. With proper execution and attention to detail, you can add this powerful technique to your game and become an even more dangerous threat on the mat.

3) Arm Triangle Variation 2 – The Mounted Arm Triangle

The Mounted Arm Triangle is a highly effective variation of the Arm Triangle that is executed from the mount position. This technique is perfect for those who like to dominate from the top and prefer to attack submissions from a position of strength.

To execute the Mounted Arm Triangle, start by establishing the mount position on your opponent. From here, reach your left arm around your opponent’s head and under their right arm.

Grab hold of your own bicep with your left hand. Your right hand should be controlling your opponent’s far-side arm and preventing them from defending the submission.

Now, lean your weight to the left and slowly bring your right knee up towards your opponent’s head. As you do this, slide your left hand up your opponent’s neck, locking in the Arm Triangle choke.

The added pressure from your knee on their shoulder helps to increase the effectiveness of the submission.

As with any submission, it is important to be patient and control your opponent’s movements to prevent them from escaping. Maintain pressure on the Arm Triangle until your opponent taps out or you secure a better position.

The Mounted Arm Triangle is a highly effective submission that can catch your opponent off guard. It is an excellent addition to your BJJ arsenal, especially if you prefer to dominate from the top position. Make sure to drill this technique regularly to ensure that you can execute it with confidence during live sparring sessions.


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