Top 3 Effective Ways to Control Your Opponent with the Front Headlock

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Top 3 Effective Ways to Control Your Opponent with the Front Headlock

The front headlock is an incredibly effective move in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Not only does it allow you to control your opponent, but it can also be used to set up a variety of submissions.

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the top three ways to use the front headlock to control your opponent in BJJ.

From establishing a strong grip on the neck to using the headlock as a base for a powerful sweep, you’ll be sure to find the perfect strategy for taking control of your opponent. So, let’s dive into the wonderful world of the front headlock and see how you can dominate the mat with this powerful position.

1) The Basic Front Headlock Position in BJJ

The Basic Front Headlock position is a fundamental technique in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) that allows you to gain control over your opponent. It involves wrapping your arm around your opponent’s neck from the front and gripping onto their shoulder or bicep with your other hand.

This position not only immobilises your opponent, but it also gives you the opportunity to set up various attacks and submissions.

To execute the Basic Front Headlock, start by securing a tight grip around your opponent’s neck. Your forearm should be pressed against one side of their neck, while your hand grips the back of their head. This ensures that you have maximum control over their head and upper body.

With your other hand, reach for their shoulder or bicep, securing a firm grip to maintain control.

Once you have established the Basic Front Headlock position, it’s important to maintain a strong base. This means keeping your weight centred and your hips low to the ground. By doing so, you can prevent your opponent from easily escaping or reversing the position.

From the Basic Front Headlock, you have a variety of options for attacking your opponent. You can transition into a guillotine choke, a powerful submission that involves using the headlock to apply pressure to their neck. Alternatively, you can use the Front Headlock as a base for executing a snap down and spin behind technique, which allows you to take your opponent’s back.

The Basic Front Headlock is a versatile and effective position that can be use to control your opponent in BJJ. By mastering this fundamental technique, you will have a solid foundation for executing various attacks and submissions. Stay tuned as we explore these strategies in more detail in the upcoming sections.

2) The Guillotine Choke from Front Headlock

One of the most effective submissions that can be executed from the front headlock position in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is the Guillotine Choke. This powerful technique can quickly and efficiently end a match, leaving your opponent tapping out in submission.

To perform the Guillotine Choke from the front headlock, you will need to maintain a strong grip on your opponent’s neck. With one arm wrapped around their neck, use your other hand to secure a grip on your own bicep. This will create a tight seal around your opponent’s neck, cutting off their blood flow and air supply.

As you apply pressure with your arms, it’s important to use your hips to create additional leverage. By driving your hips forward and arching your back, you can increase the pressure on your opponent’s neck, making it extremely difficult for them to escape.

It’s crucial to note that proper positioning is essential for a successful Guillotine Choke. Keep your chest close to your opponent’s back, ensuring that your body weight is fully engaged in the choke. This will prevent them from easily countering or escaping the submission.

The Guillotine Choke is an effective technique that can be used to quickly finish a match. With the front headlock position as your starting point, mastering this submission will give you a valuable weapon in your BJJ arsenal.

Stay tuned as we explore the final strategy for using the front headlock to control your opponent in the next section.

3) Front Headlock Snap Down and Spin Behind Technique

Now let’s dive into the exciting world of the Front Headlock Snap Down and Spin Behind technique.

This powerful move allows you to swiftly transition from the front headlock position to take your opponent’s back, giving you complete control over the match.

To execute the Front Headlock Snap Down and Spin Behind, start by securing a strong grip on your opponent’s neck and shoulder. Your forearm should be pressing against one side of their neck, whilst your other hand maintains a firm grip on their shoulder or bicep.

From here, you will use your grip on their neck to apply downward pressure, forcing them to lower their posture.

Once you have successfully snapped your opponent down, it’s time to make your move. As they lower their posture, quickly release your grip on their neck and wrap your arm around their waist. With explosive speed, use your momentum to spin behind them, placing yourself in a dominant position on their back.

From here, the opportunities are endless. You can look to secure a rear-naked choke, establish control with hooks, or transition into other submissions.

The key to successfully executing this technique is timing and fluidity. Practice the movement repeatedly to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

The Front Headlock Snap Down and Spin Behind technique is a game-changer in BJJ.

By mastering this powerful move, you can take control of the match and dominate your opponent with ease. So, practice, refine, and soon you’ll be spinning behind your opponents like a pro.


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