Unlocking the Japanese Necktie in BJJ

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Unlocking the Japanese Necktie in BJJ

I’ll explain the technique with just 3 types…!

Mastering the Technique

The Japanese Necktie is a powerful and versatile submission hold in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) that can catch your opponent off guard and secure you a quick victory. I’ll break down the steps to perform this technique effectively, ensuring you have another valuable tool in your BJJ arsenal.

Understanding the Setup

Before you can execute the Japanese Necktie, it’s crucial to set up your opponent correctly. We’ll explore the grips, positioning, and control you need to establish to get the upper hand. You’ll discover the best scenarios and transitions to catch your adversary in this tight and effective chokehold.

Finishing the Submission

Once you have your opponent in the right position, we’ll delve into the final steps of finishing the Japanese Necktie. From adjustments to applying pressure, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of how to secure the submission and make your opponent tap out. With a little practice and a sound strategy, you can add this technique to your BJJ arsenal and surprise your training partners and opponents.

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